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5 Reasons Your Restaurant Needs GoHogue

Restaurants in Arkansas are in need of a delivery service for multiple reasons.

The restaurant industry is one of the busiest and demanding business in the world. Arkansas eateries have an advantage in food supply by being surrounded in plenty of farms and food distribution companies across the state. Despite the plentiful natural beauty, Arkansas restaurants still face a difficult time in keeping food storage in stock. As each meal is being ordered by patrons, the supply of meats and veggies are inevitably dwindled in the kitchen. Here are 5 reasons to hire a delivery service like GoHogue to keep your restaurant viable.


Post 2020, it is hard enough to hire and keep an employee after training. Filling positions in your restaurant can be a challenge and when restaurants run out of carrots in the kitchen, they usually have to result to sending out a server, cook, or manager to go pick up the order. This leaves a gap in the staff during their absence, which can lead to chaos by the time they get back with the order.

GoHogue solves the issue of low staffing by providing a pick-up and delivery service for restaurants across Arkansas. When our restaurant customers have an order waiting for them at Sam's Club, Performance Food Group, or any other location, we pick up the order and deliver it with haste so that the restaurant can keep the staff at their stations and manage the daily operations of service the public their favorite meals.


Many restaurants offer a catering service from simple charcuterie spreads to full buffet tables. Transporting the catering order from the restaurant to the family gathering, networking event, wedding, etc. can be difficult if they do not have their own transport van. GoHogue can pick up, secure, and deliver the catering order anywhere in or around Arkansas. We have the skills and experience to prevent spills or mixing of items on the way to the delivery location. We also have a refrigerated truck to keep those things that must remain cold.


Menu changes throughout the seasons are a normal occurrence for restaurants. Being surrounded by farmland, we are subject to the changing of crops according to weather and temperatures. A watermelon can be difficult to find in the Fall and Winter months. If a restaurant requires an ingredient that is not in supply nearby, we will travel to pick up any order and make the delivery.


As a restaurant's offerings grow, their needs increase. A cafe that decides to roast their own beans, a diner that wants to serve home-made ice cream, or a cantina that wishes they could offer fondu, no matter what the need is, it requires a new piece of equipment. Commercial kitchen equipment is often large and very heavy, making it difficult to transport and set up. GoHogue will pick up your ordered equipment from the manufacturer or warehouse, deliver it to your location, and set it where it needs to be in your kitchen.


Part of operating any business with employees is maintaining a staff that fulfills the rolls they were hired for. This is especially true for restaurants. When a restaurant has to let go of an employee regardless of the reason, it can be very uncomfortable delivering any of their belongings they left behind including their final checks. We cut down on the discomfort and potentially dramatic confrontation by delivering those belongings without the employer ever having to be face to face with the ex-employee.

No matter what your needs are, we can help your restaurant keep running smoothly with increased efficiency and time to focus on the things that need your attention. Call us any time at 501-515-7657.

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